Quality Cleaning at Affordable Prices

You may not realise what a big difference a clean driveway can make, most people are surprised when they see our before and after pictures of the results that can be achieved.

It is a difficult and time consuming job killing weeds, moss, algae etc. However, with our industrial pressure washers, Extreme Driveway Cleaning will put in the time and effort required to improve the appearance of your paving and can assure you of a worthwhile investment.

Using our high pressure, professional equipment, we can complete this job in a fraction of the time that it would take you to do the job yourself with a store bought domestic pressure washer.

We can complete the majority of domestic driveways within a day, although a follow up visit is usually required to brush in the kiln dried sand. The simple but effective design of our rotary cleaner ensures that the mess is not spread to the surrounding areas and literally keeps a lid on the debris.


We clean driveways, patios, slabs, decking and concrete to look like new! We deliver quality work and offer excellent value for money. Clients only pay once work is completed.

Extreme Driveway Cleaning have the answer!

The removal of dirt, oil, moss, algae and lichen on most hard surfaces.

It is possible to seal most surfaces to keep them 'like new' using the latest sealing techniques and approved protective coatings.
Extreme Driveway Cleaning can restore your exterior surfaces back to their original condition. Our system cleans almost all hard surfaces for example block paving, crazy paving, tarmac, flag stones, concrete, pathways, decking, stone walls and coping stones. This process really brightens up the exterior of your property without costly alternatives such as replacement.

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